Midland Arts

Mission Statement

“Midland Arts Education Programmes aim to help all our students and mentors, beginners and professionals, to move into a different space, a space where different rules apply; rules of rhythm, colour, line, form, movement, melody and harmony. In such a space, learners will feel free to ‘imagine’ what they can ‘create’ and find new ways of experiencing the Arts in engagement with their communities, neighbours and society.”

Midland Arts develops, oversees and monitors a range of Arts Education Programmes throughout the Midlands. Many of these are projects designed to enhance and enable access to the Arts for people suffering various forms of disadvantage.

Examples of workshops include:-

  • Wood-carving and sculpture
  • Violin lessons
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Mothers and Toddlers Group
  • Advanced painting workshop
  • Life-drawing workshop
  • Photography
  • Architectural Drawing courses
  • Watercolour techniques
  • Oil painting
  • Impressionism weekends
  • Wood-carving and sculpture
Contact Information

Arts Education Office
Education and Training Centre
Old National School
Co. Westmeath

044 93 48389


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