Mission Statement

Longford and Westmeath ETB aims to provide dynamic, diverse and innovative education and training services.

LWETB guarantees quality service through the following measures:

  • recruiting the best staff available
  • striving for top national and international standards in local education and training
  • organisational excellence and renewal through training and re-training of staff, with equal opportunities for all
  • resourcing schools/centres to the best of our ability – including personnel, buildings, equipment and working conditions
  • on-going dialogue and partnerships with business, industry and commerce at home and with EU policy and vocational education agencies abroad, towards professional enlightenment and local economic and social development
  • commitment to I.T. and to the arts in the liberal and vocational education of students
  • on-going dialogue and partnerships with parents, students and the Department of Education & Skills

We are committed to a policy of alleviation of disadvantage in Longford and Westmeath – economic, social, cultural, artistic, physical – and will provide and support education and training measures aimed at eliminating such disadvantage. As one of the main statutory organisations in the two counties, we will link with, assist and support other relevant service providers/development agencies – locally, nationally and internationally. We will regularly evaluate performance, reviewing our objectives, structures, programmes and priorities in order to match best practice and to meet changing patterns of national policy and local need or demand.



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